Stories of the Road from the Heart

Short stories and heartfelt perspectives from experiences while on adventures, in nature and in the cultures of others.

Our blog is our way of talking to you and the world. Here we share our thoughts, anecdotes and ideas about our adventures, experiences and projects. Find the newest blogs on the slider and older blogs in the tiles below.

Team Tane

Overland Adventure Packing

Like anything else, overland packing comes in all shapes and sizes. This blog intends to help you decide what to take and where to fit it on your own Overland adventure. In addition, it tells you how to get our FREE overland packing list! You don’t need to pack like this to fit!

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Helping Hands

Life isn’t always easy and sometimes it takes more than ourselves to get us out the brown stuff. In these situations, it is the hands that jump in to help which make all the difference.

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The Nature of Africa

Forget what you think you know about Africa. Forget the dramas modern media has created about our continent. Scratch a little deeper and you will find a whole new world awaits in the “Real Africa.”

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The Oldest Form of Redemption

There have been countless studies on the positive benefits of being in nature. Yet still many shy away from nature it believing it to be inaccessible. The Oldest Form of Redemption argues against this idea and urges readers to take the step to find the nature and redemption that exists nearby.

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Footprints to Devolution

Sometimes we need to forget to remember. In today’s world this means forgetting technology and society as we know it to refind our primitive origins and meanings long forgotten. Footprints to Devolution (opposite of evolution) is a tale of an adventure where wild animals taught us to remember.

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Back to the High Life

Back to the High Life is a thrilling story of Shane and his mate Jon tackling Lesotho’s Maluti Mountains on mountain bikes shortly after Shane recovered from his paragliding incident. It was recently published by Ride Magazine. Check out both the online and published version on the link below.

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